Johannes L. Braams


Welcome to my simple home page.


For quite a while I have been interested in my ancestry. Over the years I have been looking around archive sites but I had no real means of storing any information I encountered. Untill 2004, when I acquired the aldfaer program. I also found that the amount of available genealogical information on the net has grown so much that it becomes feasable to perform most of the research behind a computer screen.

While doing this research my wife became interested as well, so we have allready accumulated a lot of information. We are planning to publish the results of our research on my site. I expect this publication to grow as time goes by.


I am

a project manager
an honorary member of the NTG (Nederlandstalige TEX Gebruikersgroep) who have sponsored a complete mirror of the CTAN TeX archive.
the author of the Babel system for multilingual TEX documents
a member of the LATEX3 project team.
a TEXnician
a collector of stamps from all over the world
the father of two sons, Tycho and Stephan.

To report bugs in both Babel and LATEX see the LATEX bugs database.

To report bugs in any of the other packages that I maintain (supertabular, changebar, subeqn, subeqnarray, NTG classes please use the file latexbugs.tex supplied with the LATEX distribution and send the message directly to me.

Last revised on August 10, 2008